On My Worktable – 5/29/17

Starting a new troll this week and I’m very excited, because this one is going to be my first lady troll!! It’s going to be fun!!

I sculpted and baked the head, hands and feet. You can see that I bake my doll hands on a little custom made stand – this keeps them from looking too flat when they bake and allows me to bend the fingers how I wish. After the doll bakes and then has plenty of time to cool I use some full strength acetone and some q-tips to smooth out any fingerprints or minor blemishes. This also helps remove any lint that may have gotten stuck prior to baking. And now I am painting!! Really this just looks like applying thin washes of first a brown and gently sponging it off with some makeup sponges. After the brown then I add the blush with a red color to specific spots – the cheeks, nose, etc. I build it up in layers until it looks just right. And then it’s on to varnishing!!

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